The MET Theatre


Mission Statement

The MET Theatre Company provides a haven where diverse artists pursue and realize their unique creative visions.

Our new MET Company

The MET Theatre is an extremely active, dues-paying producing company made up of actors, writers, directors, designers, producers, technicians and artists from many other disciplines. The MET Theatre houses one of the premiere 99-seat venues in Los Angeles in addition to a second stage, The Great Scott Theatre. While we welcome co-productions and visiting artists, The Great Scott Theatre is run solely by Company membership and is dedicated entirely to Met Theatre Company productions.

Letter from the MET Board

In April of 2002, a new generation of MET Theatre leadership decided it was time for a change. It’s been a long 2 years since we settled into our folding chairs in the Great Scott Theatre downstairs at The MET to initiate the delightful, but grueling process of building a new company within The MET Theatre. We met with hundreds of actors, directors, designers, writers, and producers in hopes of assembling a diverse, committed, vibrant company of artists. Since those fateful days, The MET Theatre Company has produced over 50 shows! Sound impossible? If not for the guts, will, and selfless determination of The MET Theatre Company membership and the MET Board alike, it would have been.

Our tenure at The MET Theatre has been marked by this type of perseverance and sacrifice. The MET Theatre Company membership has displayed an inspiring level of grit and will. This feisty company of artists, all of whom donate their time simply for the love of it, is growing more cohesive and gaining more momentum with every passing day.

It is with great joy and a powerful sense of expectation that we invite you to join us at the MET Theatre.

See you at The MET!